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Innovative solutions demand innovative products

PA&ES has developed cutting-edge, cost-effective products as part of a comprehensive solution.  These products perfectly integrate with our services to bring the best value in the industry for your DCIM needs


Branch Circuit Monitor System​ (BCMS)

The PA&ES Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) is an ideal solution for existing panels that cannot be retrofitted with a traditional BCMS.  The PA&ES BCMS uses accurate split-core current transformers (CTs) and a modular, compact processor and interface boards.  The BCMS supports Modbus/TCP, SNMP, and other protocols as desired.  Because the PA&ES BCMS is centered on a powerful Linux embedded processor, it can be customized and will never be obsolete.

The PA&ES BCMS is very reasonably priced, as little as half as our competitor's less capable systems.  Call us today and see how this product can help you monitor and manage your branch circuits.

DC Current Sensor​ (DCS)

The PA&ES DC Current Sensor (DCS) is an innovative product to bring branch circuit monitoring capabilities usually found in AC circuit panels to panels providing DC power to customer equipment.  With the use of DC power increasing in data centers, having the ability to monitor those currents is an important piece of the capacity planning and reliability areas.  The PA&ES DCS system is based on the same powerful embedded Linux processor as its AC cousin, and retains all the benefits that make it a sound solution for BCMS needs.

If your data center supports customers with DC powered equipment, call us today and see how the PA&ES DCS can help you monitor and manage your DC circuits.

Ultrasonic Humidifier​

The PA&ES Ultrasonic Humidifier provides up to 3 liters per hour of cool humidity at a cost that is orders of magnitude lower than most other technologies.  The PA&ES Ultrasonic Humidifier features electronic controls and a network-capable processor for control and status from a central application.

The PA&ES Ultrasonic Humidifier is not only inexpensive to operate, it is priced well below other similar offerings, while featuring the quality and functionality in line with the other PA&ES products.

If your data center has need of a humidity solution, call us today and find out how economical PA&ES can solve your problem.

CRAC/CRAH Control and Monitor (C4M)

PA&ES is developing a CRAC/CRAH control and monitoring (C4M) retrofit for existing units.  The C4M will provide important operating telemetry of the units and also allow data center information management (DCIM) applications to control CRAC and CRAH units as part of a coordinated system to optimize your data center cooling efficiency.

We anticipate availability 3QCY13.

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