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Cost-effective solutions for your data center

Precision Air and Energy Services (“PA&ES”) provides clients with significant energy savings through precise air flow control in their data center environment, which includes the elimination of unplanned air current above and below the raised floor, variable water/glycol flow, and personnel training.  PA&ES evaluates, analyzes, and creates custom optimization solutions for each client.  You will find our solutions innovative and cost effective.

3D Thermal-graphic Imaging (TGI)

PA&ES patent-pending 3D Thermal-graphic Imaging (TGI) provides a complete thermal-graphic image of the raised floor environment of your data center.  This is not a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model; instead PA&ES’ technicians prepare a computerized, multi-layer, highly granular, 3D temperature map of your data center.  The combination of these data sets provides a comprehensive and accurate view of your data center space and permits PA&ES to confirm that the final remediation targets have been achieved.

Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

PA&ES specializes in custom containment systems  including single and double sliding doors, and data center-rated clear curtains with fusible link suspension.  The PA&ES containment solutions are constructed of quality anodized aluminium to fit your exact needs, at a cost that is often less than off-the-rack products that other vendors offer.

The PA&ES containment systems provide a key part of the overall energy reduction strategy.  Contact us today to see how we can transform your inefficient data center into a money-saving data center.

Site Evaluations

PA&ES  standard site evaluations include electrical service metering, capacity and load comparisons, Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) calculations, equipment settings determination, 3D Imaging, and a written report of the findings, including the potential energy savings that can be achieved by our remediation services.

Some common issues found during surveys include: humidity instability, uneven air flow, "hot spots", leaky raised floors, air short-circuiting and/or mixing, and improper set points.

Clients may purchase specific portions of the standard site evaluation.

Custom Controls

At PA&ES, we build customized control packages to serve our client’s needs.  Our packages are built for specific functions where the required functionality is not otherwise available to the client.  The PA&ES packages are built with off-the-shelf, non-proprietary components.  Rather than approach an energy savings challenge with a ‘one size fits all’ solution, we build our controls with only the needed components and incorporate annunciation and alarming functionality.  We even offer on-going consultations via email to assist with unexpected or difficult operating conditions.

A PA&ES control and monitoring customization capability also enhances our ability to build performance benchmarking tools that are not available on the market today.

At PA&ES, our strong experience in industrial controls enables us to develop pump controls that extend the effective operating range of common cooling equipment, such as air cooled condensers.  Further, the PA&ES unique controller saves pumping energy and even creates the ability to extend free cooling running periods.

PA&ES is dedicated to making data centers and similar facilities more energy efficient.

Air and Waterside Management

PA&ES patent-pending techniques can be used to equalize under floor static pressure , which facilitates uniform Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC)  loading, significantly improved humidity control, and the elimination of hot spots by creating the ability to deliver air exactly where it is needed.  PA&ES’ airside management techniques can save more than 25% of the total cooling energy associated with your data center.

PA&ES can manage loop flows to maximize economizer use in glycol systems, decrease energy usage of loop pumps, increase Computer Room Air Conditioner compressor efficiency, and increase the functional range of outside condensing units.  Waterside management can save more than 15% of the total cooling energy.

Outage Forensics

Unfortunately, outages are all too common.  Whether the situation appears to be electrical or mechanical, all of the facts and conditions for the entire data center environment need to be independently reviewed and evaluated as possible failure contributors.  This comprehensive and important review isn't a job for regular technicians.

Our technicians have significant, hands-on experience in operations, maintenance, and design in both the mechanical and electrical disciplines.  It is this depth of experience that enables PA&ES technicians to undertake a complete and thorough evaluation of all of the systems conditions, the inherent short comings in the facility’s design, and the influences of weather and utilities.

We provide comprehensive, unbiased and thorough reports that will help you establish procedures to prevent outage re-occurrence and, if necessary, design modifications to your systems.

Let us help you get the right answers.

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